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Lingonberries are very similar to cranberries. Smaller, but the flavor is about the same. I can’t taste the difference. Picking lingon is much easier too, but cranberries can be mass cultivated. The pickings were pretty slim around here, so we bought two buckets at the market.


Most go into plastic bags and into the freezer which is all full now.

Some make jam. My favorite is raw mashed lingon (rårörda lingon). Just mix in some sweetener and mash. This keeps well in the food cellar in jars that are not even sealed. Cranberries contain their own preservative. They also have many health benifits.


The summer and fall have been very dry this year. In fact, the weather is still very summery. Forraging for mushrooms and berries in the woods is not very good now, but our neighbor has been in Finland for a couple of weeks picking lingonberries and brought us home a bucket.

They just need a bit of cleaning.

Then packaged and put into the freezer or made into presserves.

Lingon or Vaccinium vitis-idaea are very much like cranberries – they taste very much the same but are smaller, juicier and much easier to pick in large quantities. We use lots and lots throughout the year.