We celebrate Midsommar.

The summer solstice is a very big holiday in Sweden where it is called Midsommar (Litha in ancient times). Only Christmas is more celebrated, perhaps because it is a disguised celebration of the winter solstice (Jul).

On the eve of the solstice families get together at the local commons to picnic as well as to dance around a fertility pole. Later everyone goes to a traditional party in nature (garden, park, beach, meadow etc) for dinner, drinking and revelry often all night long.

This is the shortest night of the year and the longest day. It is considered the beginning of summer. The summer heat accumulates for the next few weeks making the climate warmer and dryer even though the days gradually get shorter.

I try to get my garden pretty much in place (sown and planted) by Midsommer. I always seem to have a little left to do tho. After Midsommar it will mainly be maintainance like weeding, cultivating and watering to do until harvest and food processing take over more and more.