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A marble slab from the auction, some cement and a couple of rusty bars for support and presto, a shelf in the gothic greenhouse. 

It’s the last day of the course. I started a new stone yesterday and hope to get the basic form done today – first circular, then discus like. Then finish it at home.

I did manage to get that much done, so now it sits in the grass till I can get it and the first stone with the car. I’ll also rake up all my marble chips to use in the garden.

I noticed last night that the garden has languished this last week of dry, windy, heat. Now I can get back to full time gardening again – most likely full time watering. This is the worst drought in 20 years, they say.

You can’t really tell from this picture.

But I did manage to get the surface very shiny and smooth. I went through all the grades of pumice block and sandpaper from 40 to 1200, got rid of all the scratches, but still I wasn’t satisfied. The teacher made me happy again, saying that that is the best one can do because the stone has it’s own structural flaws that show through.

Anyway, that is the best polishing job I’ve ever done.