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Out back we have a cement ring with flat sitting stones positioned around it where we often make a fire for cooking dinner. Last night the weather was still and relatively warm. We fried some breaded baltic herring. 

Along with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, stir fried swiss chard, lingon berries and kimchi, all from our garden, it was an evening and meal to be remembered. 

The only thing not local was the organic white wine from South Africa. 

We don’t normally celebrate Thanksgiving day in Sweden. There is a thanksgiving day (the second sunday of october called tacks├Ągelse), but it goes by unnoticed.

I have come to think of it as a wonderful occasion to get family and friends together, to eat a fancy meal and be thankful for everything, especially the harvest. Any date between the swedish and american holidays or even later is fine.

We make turkey, stuffing, relish, kale salad, gravy and pumpkin pie. Someday I’ll make a recipe page for everything, but in the meantime I’ll describe how I make stuffing and cook the turkey. Nowdays I buy a turkey fillet and leave the rest of the bird to the butcher hoping he will use and compost it properly.

You’ll need:
– turkey fillet
– whole grain bread
– onions
– apples
– mushrooms
– basil, thyme, oregano
– oil
– clay roasting pot (schlemmertopf)

And how to do it:
– soak clay pot while preparing the rest
– dice onions
– cut bread into cubes
– cube apples
– cut mushrooms same size
– saute onions in iron pot
– add bread to onions and saute
– add apples
– add mushrooms and continue sauteing
– add herbs and mix
– let stand ten min. off heat with lid on
— this is the stuffing
– rinse turkey fillet
– put stuffing in clay pot
– place fillet on top
– put lid on and in the oven
– roast one hour at 200 degrees C

This is a quick and easy method that avoids the timing, the mess and leftovers of having a whole turkey. The stuffing soaks up the juices from the meat and tastes fantastic, but does not leave any juice for making gravy, which we make using soysauce, miso or other bouillon. The meat is always juicier this way too.