I took the course in stone sculpting a few weeks ago and really got inspired, but I still have to order a full set of tools for working at home. In the meantime I have plenty of work in the garden to keep me occupied. One major project is the gothic greenhouse. Stone work!

There is an extention to the back wall for creating a microclimate where I can grow grapes and apricots and other exotic plants.

Todays work

I’m at it couple of hours nearly every morning – about 5 buckets of mortar, stone by stone, an average of ten centimeters per layer, 3 meters of progress each day. At this rate, it will take me at least another 5 years to finish it.

But, I’m very satisfied with how much I’ve accomplished so far this summer, and I still have almost two months more to work on it before the heavy frosts stop it.

I mix 1 part cement with 3 parts sand from the farm sand pit. I try to get the amount of water just right so that the morter is not too wet or too dry.

But no matter how hard I try I never seem to get it perfect, and have a lot of smears and drips to clean up.

There seams to be no end to raw material.

A work of art on its own.