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My new favorite garden tool is called a Hori Hori in Japanese (dig dig). I got it at the garden show in Seattle in February. 

It’s fabulous! It has a large stainless steel blade with sharp point and edges, one serrated. It even has a depth measure in inches. 

An easy thrust goes deep and gets a lot of weed root. It’s great for micro weeding on hands and knees – it acts as a hoe, but more quick and accurate, and even as a brush, lopping off tender weeds at the root. It is also good for digging, planting and can serve as a machete. 

I didn’t cut off one pumpkin plant, which I often do hoeing.

The garden is now as ready as it can be for me to be able to take a vacation to northern Sweden. 

The weeds grow dispite the dry weather. Now with a little rain they will virtually explode into existence and soon take over the garden.

The spinach is growing fine too, but the pigweed (Chenopodium album) looked so luscious, that I got busy and did some micro weeding and saved the pigweed for lunch – one of my favorite weeds.

It makes a wonderful omelette.