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After 10 days in the far north mountain hiking, doing maintainance at the old homestead and enjoying the Pajala market, I’m back home and microweeding in the garden again with my trusty hori hori. 

The main path and central swirls are mulched after the first thorough microweeding.

Flax straw is my favorite mulch material. Grass cuttings are better as a fertilizer, but flax stays dry, is nice to walk and crawl on and lasts much longer. It is stiff and scratchy – very stimulating to the bare feet. Worms like it too. At the end of the year I can rake it up and save it for the next season.

Now I can crawl to work, if need be, on a soft dry linen mat.


Freshly microweeded and hand cultivated, the pumpkin leaves will soon take over and smother all further weed problems.