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The earlier starts are faring well in the mini greenhouse – herbs, lettuce and brassica.

Now it’s time for starting different kinds of pumpkins and squash, along with cucumbers, sweet corn, sunflowers and other frost sensitives. 

These trays are all full of dirt and seeds. When they start germinating they will have to go outside for more light. The mini green house will not hold them all (I’ll have to make another next winter), but I can put the rest in frames that can be covered with plastic, when it gets cold, as I’ve done before. 

We can have cold nights here until the first week of june. Then the plants should be a good size and hardy enough for planting out in the crop circles. 

I’m sure I can get this ready next week. 

Dig out some more of the dirt, put in weed control liner, and fill with a best quality dirt mix, then starter trays filled with seeds and growing plants. 

Getting done.

It’s done!

Except for some natural preservative painting as well as fixing the dirt and foundation later. 

This recycled graffiti plywood backside will hopefully be visited by some local graffiti artist and get a more colorful paint job, preferably in shades of green.