I heard that there were still a lot of mushrooms in the forest, so I took a basket to the woods nearby. Yes, there is alot, but many are a bit frost damaged.

These are a brown and late kind of chantarelle mushroom (Cantharellus tubaeformis). They are my favorite – easy to find, pick, clean and dry, with the best flavor. They thrive in the late fall and early winter and survive several heavy frosts.


I didn’t have to walk far and it didn’t take long to gather a basket full. It’s easy to pick too many forgetting that when you get home you have to clean them and then either use or preserve them. We dry them in the furnace room.


The mushrooms in the top of the picture are dried from an earlier excursion. They go into a kitchen cupboard in a paper bag and last all year. We rehydrate them when using. We use them mainly in stews and sauces.

How about some moose stew with moose meat, potatoes, carrots, onions and chantarelles.