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The snow has melted and it’s rained a little, so now there is water everywhere, especially around the edges and low spots.

Too muddy to dig, I’ll have to wait until the next cold spell to hopefuly finish.

While other parts of the world freeze, the weather here has been very mild. In fact, the southern part of Sweden is still officially in a state of autumn. It’s soggy and muddy in the garden, so not much is getting done except for some digging on the few frosty days we’ve had and carpentry.

There are still a few greens still to be harvested.





But, It looks like snow today.

And the weather is supposed to turn freezing cold. We may get a proper winter after all.

I can do some more digging and rockery as ground freezes.

A couple more herb beds.

And then get back into winter carpentry. The portal got some shelving these last few days.


I got busy digging the last garden circle. This is the fenced-in garden protected from the deer and rabbits. We still have two kinds of kale and broccoli there that should hold fine until christmas.

First, I had to drain the area after all the recent rain and wet snow, connecting it to the drainage I did earlier. My new drainage system works great, so I could soon get to work turning the dirt over, preparing it for next years crop of brassica, chards, leeks etc. Things the wildlife can’t resist.

It must look pretty crazy digging in the fresh snow, but I’ve been waiting for this weather (either frost or snow), so that I don’t have to fight the mud as much. At the end of the day I had most of the area done. I can easily finish it tomorrow.

Then I’ll be satisfied for this season. But if it warms up again, there are plenty more digging projects I could work on. Otherwise I’ll take it easy, do some skiing, work on garden art, do a lot of food processing and such for the rest of the winter.

I dug up the rest of the potatos today saving a couple more bushels from freezing. The ground is now frozen about 2 centimeters down, but it partly thaws out in the afternoon sun and is diggable.

It was, however, a real chore digging through the ice into the mud underneath. The mud caked onto my shovel and hoe. The potatos were caked in mud that had to be scraped off. My gloves, too, got covered in an ever thicker layer of mud while my boots became heavy with muck making huge clumps of the wet goo. I stumbled about like a zombie in a space suit of mud but finaly got it done. I vowed to plant less potatos next year but will probably forget.

A few days ago, under better conditions, I planted next years garlic.

I planted more than last year, mostly from this years crop, but also some new bought cloves for comparison. I also threw on the rest of the carrot seeds that will survive the winter and sprout earlier in the spring and fill out the bed after the garlic is harvested in summer.