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I mowed the grass for the last time this year. It was pretty high and thick in some areas. I’m not much of a mulch fanatic, but when I saw this, the very best of all mulches,

I thought – why can’t I get such a great supply of mulch in the middle of summer when I need it most (not enough rain or time to rake it up). Instead of letting it go to waste, I realised I could use it now too on the newly turned dirt.

Or around trees and bushes.

But I’ll have to keep an eye on it and check that it doesn’t become a hiding place for bark and root eating rodents.

This year I was lucky enough to get the grass cut before the dandelion invasion.

The grass was really thick and made nice easy to rake rows.

I got a good start on the mulch this year.

This is very opportune, because the weather is now very warm, windy and dry, with no rain in sight.

I’ve heard about it and talked about it. One of my neighbors brought over a bundle of rams fleece, so now I have to try it.

It’s supposed to deter or frighten deer away. I think it will make a great walkway and mulch as well.

We’ve been cleaning, clipping and raking, and dumping the refuse in the compost area.  

Coarse matterial goes here at insect heaven 

I got a load of aged manure from Farmer Ericsson.   

Black dirt 

And an old falling-apart bale of flax straw for mulch.  

Now, I’m pretty much set up for the coming growing season. I even sowed a row of spinach the other day, just to see what will happen. 

It has been cold and the ground froze pretty deep. Now it has warmed up again, and I can rake leaves while I wait for the ground to thaw out enough to finish digging. 

I can never get enough leaves. They are great for the garden – mulch, leaf mold, worm food, composting, protection around plants, etc. 

After all the rain, maybe we get a few days of warmer and sunnier weather. The grass has been growing like crazy, and I was finally able to cut it and rake a bit of mulch together. I put it around the pumpkins, but still, it’s not enough. 

Mulching is hard work and time consuming. I’ll probably have to finish it off with flax straw, altho grass has a better fertilizing value.


I could rake some more, but instead we’re off for a few days cruise to Helsinki. 

Home again to thriving weeds while the pumpkins are struggling to get themselves rooted.  

I’ve been cutting the grass, raking, weeding and mulching. The grass was high and thick after our absence. The lawn mower has no catcher and it tends to pulverise the cuttings, but there were lots of good grass strings to rake up for mulch. I did a lot of tiresome raking, but I managed only enough to cover a little part of the garden before it dried up and disappeared – the sweet corn and some of the pumpkins.  

Otherwise it’s flax straw.  


First weeding, then mulch – then weeding some more. They say that mulching smothers weeds. It helps, but there are many weeds that thrive in mulch, like bindweed, ground elder, thistles, crabgrass and many more. 

So no rest for the wicked!




It doesn’t take much time for the weeds to get going, and they can soon take over the garden. Here it is mostly an invasive kind of poppy that I don’t dislike, but I have to keep it under control along with the rest of the weeds. 

It looks pretty desolate after weeding. The seeds have hardly germinated, and I do do a thorough job – microweeding. Most organic or eco gardeners allow for weeds because they don’t like monoculture or bare earth, but I have to have the weed situation under control before leaving the garden for a week and a half for our annual trip go the far north. And, although I don’t care much for minimalism, I like it when it comes to weeding. 

Mulch gets piled on as I weed or as soon as possible, and I  leave a few poppies and other nice weeds like cilantro for color and food. 

A few pictures while the garden is in it’s prime.

We’ve had a few thunder showers lately.

Flowers along with the vegetables.

Pretty well weeded.


Lots of mulch

The resident hare is over by the rock pile.





Farmer Eriksson discovered another roll of flax straw and brought it over, just when I had nearly used up the first one.

This year I can mulch everything like never before.

But it’s a lot of work. One of these days I will write a rant about the evils of mulching.