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Fantastic weather, wonderful guests, enthusiastic artists, great music, good food!

First comers 
Neigborhood magicians 

Lisa did her magic 
House band Å played with guest saxophonist Ola.  
The evening rounded off with a mezmerizing concert by the India inspired trio, Palace in Space, which called forth a spectacular aurora display, puntuated with falling stars from the Perseids meteor shower. Magic for those who were still up. 

Morning after breakfast  
Abandoned tent camp 

Someone painted rocks 
As usual, I was so busy cooking chili to take very many good pictures – more will come later – as friends send them in. 

We are very busy with preparations for the big garden party – tidying up the garden, fixing stage decor, making food to sell, etc.  

One of the new items on the menu is – Pizza Rolls. They are baked like cinnamon rolls, but with the typical pizza toppings rolled inside, and there will be much, much more. 

 It looks like the weather will be grand too. 

A stage is being built for our first annual music in the garden. At least I hope we’ll have it each year. The stage has three parts. The main part is permanent and may get a roof later. It is big enough for a small ensemble of fiddles and accordians. The other two parts can be moved and are attached for bigger groups.

Joel, who plays in a rock band, is organising this event. 12 bands are playing most of which play a modern kind of progressive rock music. I still haven’t firgured out what that is but it sounds good.