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For the big garden party today.


Some are expecting rain

Our food tent

Another food tent

Many artists are already here to set up their projects

My own project – The Zen Dirt Garden

Carefully weeded and cultivated!

We didn’t have one last year, but we decided to have another Big Garden Party at Timogarden in Djurby. As usual lots of food, activities, fun, art and music. Everyone is welcome!

Less than 3 weeks to go.

More info on facebook:

From an earlier year;

We are now busy getting everything in order for the Big Garden Party festival. Weeding, watering, cleaning, baking, buying stuff, planning and putting into action all the crazy ideas for a fun time this coming saturday 22 july. 

Everyone we know and/or know us are welcome!!!!

And then the clouds got heavy, it rained and became dark, and the party got going. 

The Tipi is up in place. 

The stage decor is being made.   

We are getting ready for the annual garden party with music, art, food and events. It takes place next saturday (15 aug) from 1500 o’clock till all hours of the night. All freinds close enough are invited. 

A couple of picts from last year.   


We are frantically preparing for the third annual music party in the garden TODAY at 1500.

Last minute weeding


Roofs going up


Decorations being prepared


The event statue will be raised


Flea market filled


Last night I prepaired three large batches of chili sans carne. There will be lots more food to sell also.

Food tent is almost ready


David Erikssons fantastic sound system is being put into place.


The outhouse over in the corner


Before the storm


The second annual music fest in Timogarden went unbelievably smoothly. Lots of people helped, lots of friends came, lots of music all afternoon and evening.

Joel and Agnes started it out.

The dance floor got initiated, but It obviously needs to be made bigger next winter.

A lot of hungry people filled the food tent early.


Second and third hand was a main attraction.

As well as game playing kids.

As the sun went down, the clouds started clearing.

And the moon, near full, came out shrouded in scattered clouds. Alas no picture. Music continued until the wee hours of the morning.

This could represent the morning after.

But everyone was in good shape and even better spirits. The sleep over crowd stuck around for breakfast as well as lunch in the garden for a beautiful day after. And again not a plant, bush or tree were damaged.

In the midst of preparing for the second annual music fest in the garden

The portal to the caged garden finally got a roof.

Now all that’s left are the finishing touches like tool shelves, a box for tools and equipment and a rest bench.

The fest is tomorrow (20 July). We are cleaning, baking, cooking, rehearsing, embellishing etc etc. Any readers nearby are welcome to come and partake. It’s free of charge – but we are selling some food if you don’t want to bring your own.

Today I spent the day soaking up big city culture in Stockholm.

There was a lunch concert for instance.

They served a very nice soup in the Grunewald Room at the Stockholm Concert Hall. It wasn’t this dark of course. My camera isn’t very good for indoor pictures. The main thing is that the chamber ensamble played baroque music finishing off with Handel, my favorite.

Then later in the evening there was the opening of a new art exibition at the Museum of Modern Art. Le Corbusier is certainly not one of my favorite artists (designer or architect either), but I did make an interesting discovery. He is the one that designed one of my favorite chairs.

This one at the exibition was well used.

Here’s my version. Quite different but based on Le Corbusiers original design. I’ve seen many versions of this chair and didn’t know he was the one that designed it first. The reason I fell for it is, of course, the boxyness of it – all right angles and thus easy to design and make with reclaimed lumber. It’s not very comfortable but with enough cushions it’s fine.

The center for the first section of the dance floor.

I’ve now started building the dance floor that will go in the middle of the garden in front of the stage we built last summer. Everybody seems to want the summer music festival to become an annual event, and I want to get back into folk dancing, so I’ve been planning a little dance floor for years.

It will be made in sections that can be easily taken apart and moved or stored away. The center section will be in the shape of a hexagon with a ring of trapezoids around. We can make the floor bigger by adding more rings around it later.

It won’t be very accurate carpentry, as usual, but more along the lines of a wooden barn floor – barn dance rather than ballet. Bring your clogs or boots.

My favorite dance is the traditional swedish polska to fiddle music. It’s a kind of laid back drag foot waltz. There are many musicians around here that play that kind of music, so I think we can get a few dance sessions going this summer.