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Christmas eve is the big holiday here dedicated to family, food and presents. Christmas day is the day after – the day of contemplation and rest and play. On Djurby farm we all get together somewhere in nature.

This year we had a camp fire by the ‘ski slope’ so that the youngsters could sled, ski and snowboard. The older folks sit around the fire roasting sausage, drinking coffee, and talking.

Returning home using a ‘kicker’ or sled walker (it goes quite fast if icey)…

…to lots of music and lots and lots of leftovers.

Annandag Jul – the day after or Boxing Day is a traditional holiday here too. Our family always goes somewhere special for an excursion.

Because there was too much snow for hiking in the wild, we took a drive to the local castle (Wik Castle) and walked around the park viewing the woods, lake and buildings.

The music in the garden went smoothly. No incedents were reported apart from a couple trip-ups in the dark. It didn’t rain until just after the last band played. The crowd was a few more than what we had expected and quite a few of our neighbors showed up. And the music was fantastic. It was a mix of rock and folk music with a bit of psychedelics mixed in.

Embellishing the stage.

An afternoon session. I wasn’t able to get any night pictures.

Some of the crowd.

Breakfast in the grey for the overnighters. The sun came out soon, contrary to the weather reports. Then there was a very nice mess to clean up. Not a single tree, shrub or bush was injured.

A stage is being built for our first annual music in the garden. At least I hope we’ll have it each year. The stage has three parts. The main part is permanent and may get a roof later. It is big enough for a small ensemble of fiddles and accordians. The other two parts can be moved and are attached for bigger groups.

Joel, who plays in a rock band, is organising this event. 12 bands are playing most of which play a modern kind of progressive rock music. I still haven’t firgured out what that is but it sounds good.