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The Toyoko Inn Hotel, adjacent to the Nagoya Airport, with the Dali Rhino in the entrance courtyard, was the last step in our Japan trip. 

It has an excellent japanese style breakfast,

complete with rice, vegetables, miso soup, pickles, natto and what else -Coffee!

The Japanese have not abandoned their traditional food even tho fast food outlets can be found just about everywhere. On the contrary, traditional markets, foodstands and street vendors are thriving like never before, it seems. A sign of the times is the ubiquitous 7 eleven filled to the brim with traditional foods such as rice balls, mochi, pumpkin pudding, etc.

Along with the regular souvenirs, we brought home quite a selection of traditional foods.

We weren’t able to get behind the scenes and find tane koji powder, but a local friend got us a package of rice koji as consolation.


Natto as dried bean snacks to munch on with beer. We got natto in portion cups for breakfast at our last hotel.


Umeboshi plums in a handy package.


Mochi came in all shapes and forms, flavors, sweet and plane. Here is a block of pumpkin flavored mochi.


Here is a package of candy. We don’t know what it is made of, but we think the main ingredient is kombu seaweed.


Two varieties of miso and a package of miso based sauce.


Miso bombs. Biscuits of dried miso, onion, seaweed and tofu. Put one in hot water and presto – miso soup.


Miso rusks


And much much more!