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Happy new year – this years first miso is a standard two year miso.

In other words the first miso for 2021.

We were out on a yule excursion the other day and found these sloe. Delicious after the frost and thaw. The birds love them too. 

Happy New Years Eve!

It’s another new year – so they say. 


Yes, the digging is done and the compost too. Now for lots of reading, carpentry, fermenting and hopefully skiing. At a very slow pace. 

The natural new year came about 10 days/nights ago with the solstice. Now they say we have another new year. The more holidays the better.

Have a Happy One anyway.

New Year dinner with reindeer meat, mashed potatoes and salad and more.

We have a lot of day-after holidays in Sweden, but the second day of New Year is not one. That didn’t stop us from having a festive dinner yesterday evening. We don’t eat much meat at all, so sautéed reindeer is a real treat. Renskav, as it is called here, is a traditional dish from the north and is highly recommended by Börje Salming.

What you need:
– shaved reindeer meat
– onions
– fresh or rehydrated chanterelles
– lingonberries
– oil
– soy sauce
– cream
– salt and pepper
– iron pot

Do this:
– sauté sliced onions in oil
– add and sauté reindeer meat till brown
– add water and let simmer ca 20 min.
– add chanterelles
– let simmer 10 min. more
– add lingonberries
– add salt, pepper, soy sauce and cream
– simmer about 5 min. until done

Serve with mashed potatos, salad, pickles and lingonberry sauce (rårörda lingon). Beer, hardtack and butter are also necessary accessories. Traditionally we have cucumber pickles, but yesterday it was lactic pickled carrots on the plate.

You can also substitute another natural meat such as venison or moose for the reindeer meat. It must be thinly sliced for the full effect.

Seasons Greetings from our Tomte. As far as we are concerned the new year starts at the winter solstice when the sun starts to rise in the sky and warm up the northern hemisphere. Some believe new year starts at the spring equinox.

Whatever – Happy New 2013!

The days between Christmas and New Year are called mellandagar (between days). Alot of people take these days off.

The weather has warmed up considerably. Much of the snow has melted, and it’s no good skiing any more, so I got to work building another cabbage cage out behind the house.

I usually use reclaimed wood, but for this I bought some new lumber and fine mesh chicken net.


Other than that there has been alot of reading going on here these rainy icey days – mostly garden magazines such as The English Garden, but I also finished off a Neil Gaiman book called Fragile Things (really good) and have started another book: The Road to Eleusis. There is no end in sight for the opportunities to read, study and learn more.