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We’re back in Sweden again, making the last batches of koji and miso, and getting into the spring bustle of the garden. But first a few more memories from the days in Amsterdam and Nijmegen. 

Water everywhere 

House barge garden 


Sidewalk rosemary

Sidewalk reststop

Courtyard garden


Backyard magnolia  

And finally, we did go back to Deshima for some more food and supplies to take home even tho our bags were already full. 

We visited the botanical garden at Nijmegen.   

It hasn’t recovered from winter yet, but there were plenty of nice ideas for garden art.  





An insect terrace

And other stuff 

A stove (kang) for the greenhouse  




In the old partially overgrown garden of a one-time convent there was a flea market. 

Lots of stuff, lots of people and plenty of sunshine.  

 I found the best cup of coffee (most like an ordinary swedish fika-style brewed cup of coffee) in Holland so far.