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Actually we had to have it cut down, because it was leaning precariously towards the house, before it falls.

The ’Tree picker’ came with a big truck equipted with a remote control crane, saw and grip.

Swish, swish, swish and it was down in a couple of hours. All that was left was a tall stump and a pile of branches and debris.

I thought it would be traumatic – our favorite tree – but we managed quite well. It looks pretty good already and opened up a whole new space.

I was raking leaves around the big oak tree next to our house yesterday and discovered that it has taken some wind in the last storm.

It’s been leaning for many years because it is situated up against bed rock, so it doesn’t have any deep roots on one side. We’ve been watching it the last couple of years. Now Alfrida (the storm) has loosened it even more.

It seems a little too precarious now, so we have decided it has to come down soon in a controlled manner.

This will leave a big hole in the landscape and in our hearts. A tragedy.

In the meantime Farmer Ericsson and neighbors have been here and stabilized it with heavyduty chains to a nearby tree, because a new storm is brewing, until a tree doctor can come and take it down gracefully.

I’ve gotten permission from Farmer Eriksson to cut down this oak. It’s standing too close to other oaks and is half dead already.

I want to use it as the main post in the next garden shed I’m building.

The autumn leaves have fallen.

The whole family (almost) is now raking them up.



We rake up all the leaves we can to put on the compost and to use as weed smothering mulch and worm food. They are a very valuable resource. The more the better.

We have maple, oak, birch, lilac, pear, apple, plum and cherry trees that contribute. It usually takes weeks to rake them all up, often not done until spring. Today, with all the help, we got more than half the work done already.

Fall is my favorite time of year especially after harvest. The garden slows down and goes to sleep after a good turn over. Digging (turning the dirt over) is a favorite past time and good excercise, even tho it’s muddy and threatening to freeze early. I dig until it freezes too hard to stomp the spade through. One year I was able to dig until the day before christmas eve.

The maple leaves are beautiful now. Not just as clouds of orange in the landscape, but also as huge piles raked together and then as a covering on all the compost piles. In fact, these leaves along with oak, ash, elm and other leaves constitute a good portion of the compost. They make good worm food.