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Step 5

The morning of the third day

Again we do the same as the last 2 steps. Aeration is very important. Everything is developing quite nicely.

We can now see traces of the mold growing. The humidity is just right. And the odor is developing into the sweet, flowery, fruity bouquet characteristic of the Aspergillus oryzae growing on rice.

We’ll have a look after another 12 hours this evening.

Step 4

The evening of the second day

I follow the same procedure as 12 hours ago, this morning – check temperature, mix air in and observe the conditions of growth. So far there is no difference in what the rice looks like, so no new picture (it would look like the one from this morning). The humidity seems right and there is no clumping. There is a slight change in odor indicating lactic acid fermentation in the rice which is OK.

Next step in another 12 hours.