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I was out to the organic farm yesterday and got the barley and rye for making koji.

Ingvar has his own mill for making different kinds of flour.

He can husk the barley and slightly polish it – the rye too.

The first batch is rinsed and soaking already.

My favorite seed catalog has come.

Runåbergs Seeds are all organic with no hybrids, and I love the cover art.

First I’ll have to go through all the old seeds and figure out what I need, check a couple other catalogs and then make the order. I invariably miss something and have to buy more seeds later.

We’ll be taking a trip to Japan this spring and picking up lots of seeds there too, but I can’t wait till after that for the seed order.

Today I learned how to work with the various pneumatic chisels, and most importantly, how to work slowly with them.

And lo, a cluster of fruit seems to be emerging.

Organically grown of course – with all the imperfections and blemishes.