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And then the clouds got heavy, it rained and became dark, and the party got going. 

Some of the crew taking a break while setting up up for a big party in the garden. 

We had some relatives over for an end of the year sauerkraut making session. It’s a lot of fun when a little group gets together to make a larger batch of fermented food or help with any other project. It always becomes a party.  





The second annual music fest in Timogarden went unbelievably smoothly. Lots of people helped, lots of friends came, lots of music all afternoon and evening.

Joel and Agnes started it out.

The dance floor got initiated, but It obviously needs to be made bigger next winter.

A lot of hungry people filled the food tent early.


Second and third hand was a main attraction.

As well as game playing kids.

As the sun went down, the clouds started clearing.

And the moon, near full, came out shrouded in scattered clouds. Alas no picture. Music continued until the wee hours of the morning.

This could represent the morning after.

But everyone was in good shape and even better spirits. The sleep over crowd stuck around for breakfast as well as lunch in the garden for a beautiful day after. And again not a plant, bush or tree were damaged.