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My pears – Göteborgs diamant – are ready and ripe and falling out of the giant tree.

I have been picking and selling alot already, so that people can let them ripen at home. Now it’s time to use or put away as many as possible before they go bad. I have about a week.

Like cooking to a sauce to put in the freezer.

Or some pear juice,

Or fruit leather,

Or a miriad of other things.

Just bring the pear bits to a boil, simmer for a few hours, let sit over night then mash. 

Put in containers and into the freezer for later use.   

A pinch of salt enhances the flavor, and cinnamon, ginger or other spices may be desirable. The pears are sweet, so I never add sweeteners.

There are not as many apples and pears as usual this year. But there are enough pears to make a couple of big batches of pear sauce to freeze in. This is my favorite topping for oatmeal mush in the morning.  

This variety of pear is very delicious, but I don’t know the name. They are green-grey when ripe, and don’t keep very long, so they have to be eaten or made into something within a week or two.