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Paeonia rockii in the off time of the year.

We like to think of it as a dill peony – alas, it’s only a hybrid peony (Paeonia × hybrida), but it’s flowering majestically, our first flowering peony.

P. mlokosewitschii (Svavelpion)

I think?

This years Rocky 



It’s getting springy. 

Wood anemone / vitsippa 

The prune tree is blossoming. 

This fern leaf peony is getting ready to burst. 

My magnolia bush is going to flower for the first time. 


Paeonia rockii

We have a young tree peony similar to this one, but it didn’t flower this year. Instead, we made an excursion to Ekolsund castle arboratum to view the peonies there. These rockii are supposedly from the time of Gustav III. Can they possibly be 250 years old?


We made an excursion to the Peony Man. He is a retired university professor with a garden deep in the forests of northern Uppland. He grows many perennials, some rare.

He is most famous for his more than one hundred types of Paeonia which he grows himself from seed. He didn’t have the one I was looking for (the yellow Paeonia mlokosewitschii). It was sold out for the season. I couldn’t however resist buying a couple of other varieties as well as some perennials.