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I got all the tomatoes and peppers in.

The weather is unseasonably hot and dry. We have a good supply of water, but it takes a lot of time watering.

More rain and warmer nights. It’s a hectic time now to get everything planted out. 

Tomatoes and peppers potted

The earlier stuff is looking good too. 

The tomatoes are in their pots, but I have a little more space to fill, so I think I’ll buy 7 more and a couple more peppers or chilis. 

I’ve now got 18 different tomato plants potted up, with old maure in the bottom and a good dirt mix on top. 




The taller ones are supported and tied up to help them survive the incessant winds. The pepper plants I potted up at the same time have definately been damaged by the strong winds. 

The tomato plants are all potted up for this year.


I don’t have good conditions for starting out tomatoes and peppers here, so I buy from those who do. I like to get one of each of about 20 different kinds – there are so many colors, shapes and flavors.

I put each plant in a big pot with plenty of cow or chicken manure in the bottom, place them along a warm south facing wall and tie them to bamboo canes when they start growing. It is also necessary to water them every day and add more organic fertilizer often during the summer.

Tomatoes are, of course, a best seller at the farmers market.