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It’s time to leave Abisko Lodge. I didn’t see any midnight sun this time – everything was green and grey and cold and wet. But it was wonderful to get close to wilderness and wander and get tired and wet and then return to the warmth of the lodge fire and meet a bunch of fellow wanderers. It’s my type of pilgrimage. 

I should mention, they even have an alpine vegetable garden for the restaurant, and the food was excellent. 

And my own cooking too.

In case anyone wants to try this delicacy:

My favorite vegetarian sausges, on Finnish ryebread covered with dark tahini and cheese. I only wish I had had som Kimchi to top it off. 

Oh, and a wad of paper towel and clear clean mountain water. 


Choo hoo, we got our tickets to Japan.

Three weeks in April for visiting the sites, temples, gardens and tasting the traditional food. We should be able to see some cherry blossoms too.

The last time I was there was in 1973 to study Japanese traditional gardening and food processing. Wow, 40 years. Some things may have changed.

We hope to visit some small-scale ecological gardens and traditional food production outfits. If anyone has any tips on places to visit, let us know!

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