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More rain and warmer nights. It’s a hectic time now to get everything planted out. 

Tomatoes and peppers potted

The earlier stuff is looking good too. 


Sowing more greens

Actually I did this two weeks ago and didn’t have time to post on it then.

I’m sowing 5 kinds of lettuce and bulb fennel. These plants get special care to get them growing early and vigorously for planting out as soon as possible. I do this a few times during the summer. This is the last one and hopefuly we will have fresh greens in the autumn


Wow, bad picture! That’s clay soil for you. It clods up between the rain and dry spells, and more than usual this year. But it is much better than it looks. I like my clay. It holds the moisture longer in a drought and is very rich in nutrients.

In this picture I am planting out my chinese and japanese pumpkins. First I till the soil. Then starting in the middle I spiral outwards making spade holes about 1 meter apart which I fill with rich composted manure. I mix the compost with a bit of the dirt, water the hole and then put a pumpkin plant in each.