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Spring kicked in the other day. I couldn’t help myself and started gardening.

I sowed a tray of early greens – mizuna and mibuna.

Found an abandoned tractor tire ring

To dig in.

For a raspberry bush.

I’ve also started my spring trimming and pruning along with the regular late winter/early-spring stuff like making miso, sauerkraut and marmelade.

And I’m also planning for a trip to the saturday farmers market in Uppsala this weekend.

Perfect weather and timing to plant the cabbage family.

They get a good watering and then are covered to shade and keep the bugs out. It’s often a surprise when I take off the covering to weed, till and water. After which I may have to cut a new bigger hole-free piece of garden fleece to cover them over again.

The ground is drying up nicely, so I can start to make the vegetable crop circles ready for this summers garden. I take out the sunflowers from last year, which I leave standing all winter for the birds and also for the sculpural effect especially in the snow.

Soon I can spread out the compost, till the dirt and make the raised beds for the plants and seeds, but first it has to dry out and warm up some more. And the plants, that are now in the cold frame, grow slower and will need a few more weeks to get bigger and hardier.

Spring planting and sowing is done. All the crop circles are filled to the wedge edges. And it is raining (so no market today).

Out to the edges

I’m trying some pumpkins in the green house construction site this year.  

Even the hedges and trees and bushes are getting a weeding. 

Now summer is here! (in my terms). There are a few plants left to find places, mulching and weeding to do. And I’ve planted 2 new flats of lettuces and herbs to plant out for later for a later harvest. 


Another group from Uppsala University came out for a field day in the garden yesterday. 

They were students and staff from CEMUS – the department for sustainable development. 

The weather was about as bad as it could be (cold and windy), so some of the planned chores got abandoned, but there was still enough to do to keep warm. 

Like tilling 

Making beds, planting potatoes and onions and sowing carrots. 


Then we cut the work a bit short and went in for some warmth, food and discussions.   

All in all we had a great time and got a lot of work done. I even got a couple of volunteers for future weeding and stone work. 

The third crop circle is tilled, bedded, sown and planted, except for a couple of beds saved for later lettuce. 


The fourth and last one is almost done too (it’s larger). I may be finished with this stage of the gardening by midsommar (solstice) this year. 

Someday this will be a double hedge or tunnel hedge.

It is still good weather for planting more trees – wet and not too cold. The seedlings where dug up in the spring and potted, so that the roots could develop during the summer and fall. They almost never have any trouble surviving the winter and getting rooted in time for the dry weather in spring and summer.

This year I’ve planted at least 50 trees. Many kinds of fruit and nuts, shade trees and wind breaks. The hedges have a mix of just about any large growing tree I can find. The more variety the better.


Joel is making a raised bed. I had to buy some more maize plants in order to fill out the raised bed circling the pumpkin patch.


Each plant gets special care.


I’m nearly done planting out all the pumpkins, sunflowers and maize in the pumpkin garden. Only a few late seedlings left.

I started in the middle with some sunflowers, then spiraled outwards with pumpkins, squash and more sunflowers and then finished off with a ring of raised beds with maize.

I have four main crop circles. One is the caged garden which remains in the same place from year to year. The others are the two mixed vegetable patches and the pumpkin garden. These three rotate between the three circles. Within the mixed vegetable gardens I try to rotate the crops too.