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We would rather stay, but it’s time now. We are preparing to go home again. We bought 2 large sport bags to get everything back with us. 

And what could be more appropriate then to visit the japanese/swedish folk dance group in Osaka. 

These folk dance enthusasts have been dancing together for 10 years now and are very good and made us look like the novices we are. So we had a great time danccing with them, learning many new dances and laughing at all the wrong turns. 

Doing the polska

Three of them are coming to Sweden next summer for a folk music and dance festival. Hope to see them again!

After the inspiring polska class at the folk music festival, I’ve become much more eager about expanding the garden dance floor. The foundation is strengthened with cement blocks, and the first two new sections are now done.

It is made mainly for dancing the polska, but will be great for dancing the snoa, hambo, schottis, polka, Jenka and even the minuet.

The philosophers chair is for clearing the mind while building – and dancing.

The floor is built in sections that can easily be taken apart for moving or storage, but I’m sure it will become permanent right where it is.

Here are a few more lousy* pictures from the Ume Folk Music Festival.

Our dance teacher and fiddler at the polska dance session.


Learning songs from the Finnish northern part of Sweden.

A Swedish – Balkan dance mix in the vestibule.

You can’t tell by this picture, but this is the wildest string duo I’ve ever seen.

An over exposed picture of under exposed music from Sapmi and the San people.

Jamming in the halls.

Folk musicians still learn new music by getting together and jamming whenever they get a chance.

Here’s a link to a short video from the jam session.

And hanging around.

* It’s not easy to take good pictures while singing and dancing. Bad lighting too.

While the snow melts at home, we take a trip to the snow country – Västerbotten. It snowed all day yesterday and filled the garden where we stayed.

It was for the Ume Folk Music Festival we came. Folk music and dance.


At one of the classes we practiced the polska walk for two hours.

And just when we started getting into the polska spin, the class was over.


The center for the first section of the dance floor.

I’ve now started building the dance floor that will go in the middle of the garden in front of the stage we built last summer. Everybody seems to want the summer music festival to become an annual event, and I want to get back into folk dancing, so I’ve been planning a little dance floor for years.

It will be made in sections that can be easily taken apart and moved or stored away. The center section will be in the shape of a hexagon with a ring of trapezoids around. We can make the floor bigger by adding more rings around it later.

It won’t be very accurate carpentry, as usual, but more along the lines of a wooden barn floor – barn dance rather than ballet. Bring your clogs or boots.

My favorite dance is the traditional swedish polska to fiddle music. It’s a kind of laid back drag foot waltz. There are many musicians around here that play that kind of music, so I think we can get a few dance sessions going this summer.