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We’ve had a few of pur own potatoes already this year from early plantings or even from potatoes left in the ground from last year.

I could leave them in the ground a bit longer, but it’s time to do some digging, so we can eat them. Ours are so much better.

Timo below and Amandine above.

My early trial plantings and sowing hasn’t done so well in this years April weather. I thought it might be warm early, but the cold and dry came back.

Now it’s supposed to rain and get warmer, so I’ll try again.

I thought the tilth would be bad this year because the turned dirt didn’t freeze very deep in the warm winter.

But the tilth is great, especially with a good tilling.

Now for some raised beds and potatoes, onions and carrots.

And for some rain and warmer weather.

Still a month early, but the sun is warm, the dirt is drying and warming up and I’ve put out compost, so why not try an early start. I put in 6 potatoesin one small bed and onions and carrots in another.

I might as well – see what happens.

And by the way, I won’t be at the market tomorrow saturday and probably not till after the restrictions are lifted.

It’s time to get all the rest of the potatoes dug up and into the root cellar.

It’s also a good time to start digging for winter and next spring.

Yesterday I made a batch of herb miso, then went out and started making my raised bed spiral in the first crop circle that I had tilled the evening before.  

 I made 9 beds. Some are still empty, but I put in some potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, dill and parsley. Much more to come. 

Fall is here, the days are still warm, the nights are cold, and still no frost. As I dig up the potatoes, carrots etc, I might as well start digging for winter. 


It will soon be time to plant next years garlic too. 

The earlier raised beds I planted are doing fine – starting to come up. Yesterday I finished tilling the 2 vegetable crop circles and made 2 beds of potatoes. Today I made 4 more beds with a variety of early vegetables.     

Just before the rain came. 

Saturday afternoon a group of students from the CEMUS program (studies on sustainable development) at the Uppsala University came out for a field day. This is the forth year now.

The students from all corners of the earth did a lot of work cleaning out the dead material from the gardens, working on the compost piles and making new compost. They also dug all the rest of the potatoes and cleaned onions.



Then at the end of the day we sat around the fire and refilled our energy reserves.


It was a beautiful day, fun and we got a lot of work done. The compost never looked so good.


(Some of the pictures are from Ingrid Rieser)

The first full day of frost today has meant back to digging.

I had to finish digging up the few potatoes and the quite a few carrots that were left in the ground, then turn over the soil as much as possible.

Farmer Eriksson came by on his way to the forest. He said he is making a tractor road to a part of the forest that has been neglected because of poor accessibility. He also said that he saw that there has been more rain in october and november than last year which was an unusually rainy year. The difference is that last year it rained all summer and fall, and this year it was a dry summer and rainy fall. So far less, but still muddy. That’s why I’ve been waiting for the frost.

I dug all day, but the days are not long, getting dark at 1600. Long enough to give me a good workout and a sore hind leg.

The early potatoes have been ready for harvest for over a month, and we have been digging them up fresh when needed. Now it is time for a more concerted effort while the dirt is fairly dry. I dug up a couple of rows today starting with a potato called Timo.

Timo is a finnish sort. It is good in many ways, but not superb by any means. I like it mostly because it has a nice name.

We also have a french type called Cherie.

They are also very good potatoes, and I like the color.

Then we have a third sort called King Edward.

It is a much later variety and is still growing like crazy.

Last year we were standing in mud for most of the potato harvest, and it got muddier the longer we waited. It is so nice this year to dig potatoes, carrots and other roots in this beautiful summer/fall weather we are having so far.