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Our orune trees are in full bloom.

Just in time for some warm spring weather. The bees are going wild too.

The damson have may names; prunes, krikon, Greek plums, Damascus plums and more. There are many differrent varieties too; diff shapes, sizes, flavors and colors.

These will be marroon, round, sweet and with great flavor for marmelade etc.

There aren’t many apples or pears this year but lots of plums/prunes, so we are making several big batches of plum marmelade to freeze in for the winter.

Cooked and packaged for the freezer.

Aome plum juice too

We also froze in many plum halves to use in making plum cakes later.

From our mangy prune tree we saved quite a load of prunes this year.

The bees and wasps and other bugs were there first and got probably half of the crop (good for them), but we got plenty. Alas, we managed to not get stung,

We cleaned and pitted them and made them into jam.

It’s put into containers then into the freezer.

For the rest of the year.

The big garden show is going on now in Älvsjö Stockholm. It is quite a bit better than last years – bigger, more together and much more inspiring.

Quite a crowd at our favorite eco seed company.

A bicycle powered smoothie maker at the urban gardiners exhibit.


What do with an old Cadillac.


Heating for the greenhouse.

A butterfly house.

An oasis for bees and all kinds of bugs.

Besides stocking up on some hard to find supplies and gaining inspiration, I spent a small fortune on plants. Here are three heritage prune trees and a blue rhododendron.


The wild prune trees around here don’t have fruit every year and hardly any this year, but the tree we got from the Nicks about 16 years ago always has lots of delicious prunes.

Too many to eat all at once, so we made a couple batches of prune marmalade.

Wash and pit the prunes.

Bring to boil with tiny amount of water in the bottom. Boil about a half an hour until mushy.

Add sweetener if necessary and enjoy – like topping off a bowl of oatmeal porridge.

Or can or freeze for winter use.