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That time of year again.

The apple trees are pruned.

It’s that time of year!

The two old apple trees get a good trimming.

The plum, cherry and others either don’t need it or get a trimming later.

As I’ve said before, I’m into eclectic pruning – anything goes as long as it looks good and opens the tree up to the wind and sunshine.

That goes for gardening also – anything goes as long as it looks good and is ecological.

Eclectic gardening or pragmaculture.

Everybody says you’ve got to trim (prune) those trees, and I agree, untrimmed apple trees look pretty ugly, so I too do it.

I’m almost done with the apple trees.

Some don’t need trimming, like pear trees, and some trees and bushes are better pruned in the summer or fall, like the prunes and plums.

Time to prune the apple trees. 

Half done
This one’s done
As I’ve said before, I have no method. Just thin it out and trim it so it looks good. 

I finally got the apple trees pruned. And the weather is great again. 


The jet lag is slowing me down, but I’ve managed to get back work and do a little.   


I’ve gotten the backside half done, but now I’ve run out of old salvaged siding. I have some in the basement drying and found some more in the barn, and that might do it. Later I’ll go further and look for more. I’ve heard of a farm nearby that is tearing a building down and they want to get rid of stuff, so I may be in luck. 

There are also other jobs to do like prune the trees.

And tomorrow I’ll get back into making koji and miso. 

It’s that time of year. Every year the fruit trees need to be pruned or at least trimmed. 




As always, I use the no-method approach  – whatever looks and feels nice. 

This year I’ve also trimmed all the small trees that I’ve planted over the last few years, cutting off all the lower branches and root shoots. 





Mostly plum, prune and cherry trees.

It’s time to trim the trees and bushes.

As I mentioned last year, I don’t follow any school of thought or method when it comes to pruning, trimming, or gardening for that matter. I just trim the trees and bushes to thin them out and make them look better, not for maximum production or anything like that. We get too much produce as it is.

I prefer this time of year when the fruit trees and bushes are dormant, and there is not much else to do in the garden, and the leaves are not in the way. According to authorities, some should be pruned in the late summer or fall, but I usualy don’t have time then, or I have forgotten all about it.


I finally got one apple tree pruned.

There is one more old apple tree to finish pruning, and then the many new trees I’ve planted the last 5 years that need trimming.

I don’t follow any plan or teaching concerning how or when to prune, but I have read enough books and articles about it to become thoroughly confused. I just cut, snip and clip ‘intuitively’ in order to thin out and open up the tree for light, aeration and ease in picking the fruit.

My style of pruning seems to change each year.