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Another winter/spring job is to repair old plant protection cages,

and make new ones,

to protect plants like lettuce and cabbage from deer and rabbits.

Another good winter activity. I never seem to have enough of these cages. 

They are for protecting favorite berries and vegetables from rabbits, deer, birds and even cabbage butterflies. Without them I would probably never get any strawberries, lettuce, brassica, chard or beets. 

It’s nice to be home again. The garden looks good. 

9 days of new growth. 

But I could complain, the weeds have been growing even more so, the rabbits and deer have been feasting too, and my hay fever is worse than ever after the period of relief up north. 

But why complain!

With snow on the ground you can see tracks of all the nighttime activity in the garden. The wildlife use the garden as a playground as well as a source of food.

The rabbits (brown hares) have been trying to find a way in to nibble at an elderberry seedling covered with a wire bushel basket.

Young fruit trees must have a chicken wire tube around the base also, for protection from the hungry rabbits and deer (roe deer).

The deer don’t eat the cypresses but use them for rubbing their horns and marking their territory turning them into skeletons in the process, so they get chicken wire tubes too. We have moose, elk and wild swine in the area also, but they don’t come to the garden so far.

Inside this burlap wrap is a mulberry bush. Someday it will hopefully be a giant mulberry tree. In the meantime it too needs protection from the animals. It is, however, a plant better suited for a warmer clime, so it gets added protection from the cold dry winds of winter.

They don’t look much for the weather but these leeks are still edible. They are covered with a chicken wire cage because the rabbits like them too. The kales get such treatment as well.

I got this birch tree from the horticulture school in Enköping. The rootball was rather small and I planted it this fall. It needs to be tied in for a few years to keep it stable in the wind, so that the roots can get established.

And last but not least, the wellpond has a sheep wire fence around it. This time it is to protect the wildlife (including kids) from falling in and getting frozen wet or drowning.

This is an old shoe last I bought at the auction a couple of years ago. I had to bid quite high to get it, because one of my equally goofy rivals for odd stuff wanted it too. He tried to make me promise I wouldn’t put it out in the garden and let it rust, but I managed to get out of it.

It goes in the garden in the fall to protect the remaining vegetables from deer and rabbits. The cobra/snake form scares them – perhaps. Actually it doesn’t really work very well, but I do it anyway. Best is a combination of l lights, moving objects, noise and chicken wire.

This object was seen in an earlier blog.



This is the protected part of the garden. It’s fenced in, and has a number of cabbage cages. The fencing is to keep the deer and rabbits out and the cages are to keep the cabbage butterflies from laying eggs on the cabbages. The white garden fleece is there to protect the young plants from the leaf beetle (psylliodes chalcomerus).

For many years I had given up on growing anything in the cabbage family because if the leaf beetles didn’t kill the young plants, the larve of the cabbage butterfly would nearly completely devour the plants leaving only skeletons until I came upon the idea of making cages with chicken wire that keep almost all the butterflies out.