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The garden is pretty much ready to go. Ready for me to go on vacation, that is.

All plants are planted out. The seeds are sown. The crop circles have gotten their first big weeding. Most of the mulch is in place. And it has rained quite a bit the last 2 days.


Even the stone work is nearly high enough to start on the arch for the opening when I get back.

Now I’m off to northern Sweden for about 10 days of hiking, camping and visiting.

It rained quite a bit yesterday which is good, but it poured a while which is not so good. I got almost all of the first round of tilling, planting and sowing done before It got too wet, so I’m quite satisfied and happy I don’t have to water for a while.

A rainy day is great for making a batch of miso. The last time I was at my favorite eco food store (Gröna Tanten in Uppsala) I found they had Swedish grown eco soybeans. Previously, the eco soybeans were from China.

Swedish to the left.

So I had to try them. They are a little darker than the Chinese but cooked up nicely, and together with the rice koji and salt were easy to work with.

Now to wait 2 years to find out how they taste.

I’ll have to make a batch of quick miso with them in order to find out earlier.

I couldn’t find out which type, by whom or where they were grown – the manager wasn’t in. It’s great that someone has taken it up and succeeded. I’ve tried growing soybeans myself and find it difficult.

I’m waiting for the sun to dry out and warm up the soil after two weeks of cold and rain. Then it will be tilling, sowing and planting like crazy.

In the meantime I’ll make some kimchi, sourdough bread and mow the lawn which is growing fast.

It’s not often we get snow anymore.


It will all rain away tomorrow.

Then the wind came and blew it away.

Actually, I took the tarp off, because the wind was flapping it furiously and driving me crazy. I thought it might take off and fly away. I’ll put it back on the next time it rains. It did function well the last couple of wet days.

The wind is also blowing all the autumn leaves off the trees, so I can get busy raking them up for the compost.

The gothic greenhouse project looked like this at the beginning of this building season.

And like this a couple of weeks ago at the end of the season.

Now the weather is intermittent rain, and when it’s not raining it tends to clear up and freezes. I’ve covered the work with tarps for the winter.

With one part covered so that I can continue to lay some more stones before it gets really cold.


It’s pretty tight working conditions in there, but it functions.

With all the rain, the digging is at a standstill, and I can finally stay indoors a little more and get my backlog of computer work done. And next week I hope to start making a few batches of miso.

This is the first root-wetting rain this summer.

Until now I have been relying on the residual water remaining in the clay soil from the spring melt off, as well as the minimal rain and watering can. Now I can relax.

The days between Christmas and New Year are called mellandagar (between days). Alot of people take these days off.

The weather has warmed up considerably. Much of the snow has melted, and it’s no good skiing any more, so I got to work building another cabbage cage out behind the house.

I usually use reclaimed wood, but for this I bought some new lumber and fine mesh chicken net.


Other than that there has been alot of reading going on here these rainy icey days – mostly garden magazines such as The English Garden, but I also finished off a Neil Gaiman book called Fragile Things (really good) and have started another book: The Road to Eleusis. There is no end in sight for the opportunities to read, study and learn more.

Not really a storm, more like a hard breeze, but it sure is howling. It started blowing and raining yesterday, it continued all night, and now it’s getting colder and snowing. I have a bit of a cold, so I’ve hardly been outside at all these last two days.

A few days ago I got the tarps up enclosing the back porch workshop.


And the shed.

I did have to go out this morning and check everything that could get blown around, and everything was OK. And to replenish the bird food.

At the farmers market today it was cold and rainy. I was sure glad to have my pickle sandwiches and coffee.

The sandwiches are made with finnish rye bread, tahini and pickle slices. As you can see, I cheated with a little bit of real cow butter too. Finnish rye bread is important – the best in the world – but any dark whole grain bread will do. The tahini is the dark roasted kind and of course the pickles are our own lactic fermented cucumber dill garlic pickles fermented since august.

It sure did warm me up along with the coffee and coffee bread from a neighboring marketeer.

Next weekend we are supposed to get really cold weather and snow, but we are going to try to get to the market one more time, perhaps with miso sandwiches for extra warmth.