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The autumn leaves fall, get raked and then moved.

Most are placed in the compost area – on the piles, some in between to keep the weeds down and more waiting for future piles.


As worm food for the winter in the newly tilled crop circle.

For warmth and protection around bushes.

In the end there not much left but fiber, minerals and trace elements, but that’s good. Very good for soil fertility and tilth.

Then the wind came and blew it away.

Actually, I took the tarp off, because the wind was flapping it furiously and driving me crazy. I thought it might take off and fly away. I’ll put it back on the next time it rains. It did function well the last couple of wet days.

The wind is also blowing all the autumn leaves off the trees, so I can get busy raking them up for the compost.

Wik Art School had their annual open house today.

This field of heads is a left over from former years. Some students have left behind portraits of each other from the sculpture class.

And here’s something you can do with an old rake and glass lamp covering.


Lots of leaves to rake.

And put on the compost. The whole area gets covered.