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The newly turned dirt gets a sprinkling of golden worm food for the winter.

There’s plenty more where that came from.

I’ll probably be digging and raking till new years again this year.

I love the snow, even tho I still have a bit of digging and raking to do. Right now I’m digging in the muck, so a layer of snow or frost would be nice. This will undoubtedly melt. Next week is supposed to be colder, and I may get a layer of frost. 

After all the rain, maybe we get a few days of warmer and sunnier weather. The grass has been growing like crazy, and I was finally able to cut it and rake a bit of mulch together. I put it around the pumpkins, but still, it’s not enough. 

Mulching is hard work and time consuming. I’ll probably have to finish it off with flax straw, altho grass has a better fertilizing value.


I could rake some more, but instead we’re off for a few days cruise to Helsinki. 

We have a lot of grass that gets cut nearly once a week. I should use more of the grass clippings as mulch. Tests have shown that mulching grass clippings is one of the absolute best ways to fertilize a vegetable garden. The problem is that the mower minces the grass so much that it sinks into the cut grass and fertilizes it. This is good too, however, sometimes the mower leaves strings of clippings which, if I have time, I could rake up and use as mulch. Usually I don’t have time, but this time I did.

I never seem to get enough either. Sometimes my arms and back give out, and there are many other distractions to keep me from doing it. This time I did get enough to cover the ground under all the maize plants.

Mulching is good for fertilizing, keeping the weeds under controll and nice to cover the pathways with for easy walking when the clay is wet. It protects the ground from drying out in hot spells and feeds the earth worms too.

I never take grass clippings in the spring when they are needed most, because that’s when the dandelions are in bloom producing a myriad of seeds. I have enough trouble with them already. Instead I get bales of straw to at least cover the pathways. My favorit mulch is flax straw because it breaks down more slowly and doesn’t get soggy in wet periods. It’s hard to get tho.