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The weeds are kind of under control. Other projects get attention. A new garden shed is one. The roof beams are up.  


And the stone paving in the front is sunk into the turf. 

They have to settle in awhile, then be adjusted with sand later. I got them for free at a local yard sale, that is, if I took them off their hands. Otherwise, I don’t have enough used lumber for the shed, so it’s going slowly, and it looks like I’ll have to buy some new.

I’m now half way done with the additional ring to the garden dance floor.

I’m making it with recycled lumber from a huge deck that was torn down. I got three truck loads, and have been using it in all my building projects the last few years. Now I’m running out and have had to buy more and more new lumber. I’ve put an ad in the local paper so I hope to get more old wood for this and my next building project.

The veiw from the philosophers chair.

Contemplating the vicissitudes of life.

It probably looks kinda neat from outer space. If anyone is flying into Arlanda Airport from the west (Oslo, Reykjavik, etc) look out to the left. You might see it. It’s about 70 km west of the airport. The flight route is just a bit south so look to the north. I have seen the garden from up there before.