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The party was great and many people stayed to have breakfast, lounge, help clean up and revert the area to a state of natural spiffiness. There was, of course, lots to sort and take to the recycling center.

Including a small amount of fermentables to start out a new compost pile.

I finally decided I should put two sides on the portal to the caged garden – tunnel effect.

Using 100 year old boards from a saw mill we helped tear down last year.

Timogarden lumber yard

It consists mostly of salvaged lumber from the saw mill and a demolished deck, metal roofing and a lot of odds and ends.

Here I can find a bit of just about anything but never quite enough.


The garden ‘bus stop’ gets a fresh coat of paint. I did, however, like the old paint better. Now the building has a uniform color at least – falu red.

I use recycled lumber for all of my building projects. A lot of the boards for this ‘bus stop’ are from the old saw mill on this farm that we tore down last year. Some of the boards were at least a hundred years old and painted 50 – 60 years ago with falu red paint and really weathered In varying degrees. Other boards are from other buildings and all together this mix of boards made an interesting and beautiful surface.

But now we’ve put a new coat on to protect it hoping that the boards will last a few hundred years more. It’s a very good wood preservative and beautiful color as well.

This paint is the traditional and most popular paint for houses, barns and any other country building in Sweden. It’s made with water, rye flour, linseed oil and tailings from the copper mines of Falun which contains iron oxide.

I have never made it myself, but because it has become more and more expensive I will have to try soon.