I’ve tried several different methods for making kimchi, and now I am satisfied with the results. My customers seem to be too. The kimchi I’ve developed is maybe not the typical Korean kimchi, but good, and it fits in with the european method of pickling.

Here’s what I use:


– 4 kg savoy cabbage
– 700 gram morot
– 300 gram white radish (daikon)
– 1 deciliter grated ginger
– 1 deciliter garlic
– 5 dried red peppers
– 75 gram seasalt (1.5% – 15 gr/kilo)

How to do it:
– clean and shred cabbage

– measure and mix in seasalt

– stamp a little to get the juices flowing

– clean and grate carrots, radish and ginger

– clean garlic and crush dried red pepper.

– put all the rest of the ingredients together
– measure and mix in seasalt
– mix together with stamped cabbage

– put into glass jars for fermentation

– let them sit in a warm corner of the kitchen for a couple days to get going
– put in cool place (food cellar)
– it is ready to eat after about 4 weeks

Savoy cabbage is green and ruffled, giving the kimchi a nice texture and color. The proportions of the ingredients can be varied as much as you want. For example, many will want a lot more red pepper.

But always use 1.5% salt for best results.