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Thinking ahead!

Two year rice miso.

The first for this year.

Steadily more miso – this week a chickpea miso.

1 kilo of chickpeas well cooked, 1 kilo rice koji ans 460 grams seasalt.

Last week a 2 year rye miso, this week a 1 year rice miso.

A kilo of french organic soybeans well boiled. 1 kilo rice koji made with Gem Cultures starter. 460 grams seasalt. 2 years fermentation.

It looks like we are getting ready for this seasons first miso.

This is going to be turned into an herb miso – french eco soybeans, rice koji from this spring, seasalt, garlic, thyme, basil and oregano with 2 years of fermentaion. Herb miso is hot!

This time I made a batch of 6 month miso for use and sales this summer.

More koji and less salt.

The enzymes and microbes get going much quicker and stronger, so don’t fill up too full, but leave a larger empty space at top.

The mix was a bit dry this time. It usually fills these 2 jars all the way to the top or more. I obviously didn’t have as much boiling liquid left with the cooked beans as I should have. I should have added more liquid before grinding and mixing, but instead I added a deciliter of salt water to the top of each jar. I hope it soaks in. If not, I’ll get some tasty chickpea tamari.

I also started to measure things, like the water content after cooking, so I can compare with later batches in order to find an optimal weight after boiling. This time it was 1.3 kilos water.

This week we made a rice miso using the standard recipe Р1 kilo sojabönor, 1 kilo koji och 460 gram seasalt.

I have been making a lot of rice koji lately, about half using starter from Higuchi Shoten and half with starter from Gem Cultures, so I got the idea to test them parallel (again? – I think I have before, but not done yet – I’ll have to check).

This time, after cooking the beans, I divide everything in half.

Grind, mix and package as usual.

And watch and wait 2 years.

The last batch of inoculated rice is in the incubator.

About half inoclated with Gem starter and half with Higuchi starter, 25 kilos of polished eco rice turned into about 22 kilos of koji.

It looks like I have a good supply for the rest of the year.

But not done yet!

Now for barley and rye koji. I’ve ordered 10 kilos each of slightly polished barley and rye from a local eco farmer who has a polishing machine which I’ll get next week.