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Mixed and ready for fermentation. 

Sometimes there’s a small amount that doesn’t fit and is put into a smaller jar. This time I added some garlic, ginger and fresh cayanne pepper, just to see/taste how it turns out. 

It will be good to have some miso ready for sales in september 2 years from now. 

I usually start my miso making season in november, but it looks like I may be running low already. So I soaked a kilo of soybeans and cooked them to make a batch of 2 year rice miso tomorrow morning. 

I have to look ahead 2 years based on the this falls sales. 

This seasons barley miso is made, now I will make three batches of rice miso. The first is a regular 2 year rice miso, consisting of 1 kilo of newly-made rice koji, 1 kilo soybeans boiled yesterday evening and 460 grams seasalt. 

Mashed and mixed,

Then put into jars for 2 years of fermentation,

I made my last batch of miso for this season. A 2 year rice miso. 

Now for some full time gardening. 

This time there is a mix of home grown herbs thrown into the otherwise ordinary 2 year rice miso. 

It’s really good!

I cooked a kilo of soybeans yesterday evening.   

Now look what happened.   

In a 2 year twinkling of the eye it will become rice miso!

A Dark Rice Miso  
The last miso for this season is a rice miso. It uses the typical polished rice koji, but this time the koji was made using barley koji stater (tane koji). This should produce a darker rice miso than usual. We’ll find out after 2 years of fermentation, but by using glass fermentation jars we’ll be able to see the progress earlier than that. 

Now for some skiing, and then I’ll get into koji growing again. 


On the right is a koji I made a few days ago – rice koji starter on eco rice. On the left is the same rice substrate but using starter for barley koji instead. 

As I figured, it sporulated earlier, more profusely and with a much darker green color. It will make a darker miso with perhaps a stronger flavor, but I’ll have to make a couple parallel batches of miso to see and taste the resulting misos after another 2 years. 

I had better make a few batches of koji before spring comes for real. I’ve had enough rice koji from last year to make several batches of rice miso the last few weeks, but I need barley koji to make a batch or two of barley miso and some of both rice and barley koji to save for fall production.

I have a very good source of eco barley now, so I will be making more barley and less rice miso in the future.


Rinsed and soaking for tonights steaming and inoculation.


It was supposed to be a big storm yesterday, so I stayed indoors and boiled soybeans for the last batch of miso for this year – a 2 year rice miso.

Here’s the result of this mornings mixing and grinding.


And here is the result of this falls miso making.


Now for a break from that chore until some time in february probably.