Besides making miso and soy sauce you can use koji for making amazake and sake rice wine.

All you need is some rice koji, rice and a warm place. About half as much koji as rice.

Cook the rice to the point where it has a mushy consistency. Let it cool, then mix in the rice koji. Add enough water to maintain the thin mushiness.

Now put it in a warm place for 8 hours. I put mine in the heat cabinet along with the koji that is in the process of growing. Instructions for making amazake recommend keeping the temperature at 55 degrees centigrade, but the 30 degrees I have works fine. It just takes a little longer.

Taste it after 8 hours. If it is sweat enough, harvest. if not, let it continue to ferment in the heat for a few more hours or as long as necessary.

When it is done, you can heat it up to boiling point to stop the enzyme action (the amylaze is breaking down the starches of the rice into simple sugars) and keep in the refrigerater.

Amazake can be eaten as it is or used as a sweetener. You can use it in cookies, cakes, shakes, smoothies, puddings and much more.

If you let it continue to ferment, wild yeasts will gradually turn the sugars into alcohol. After filtering out the solids you’ll have sake.

I prefer the sweet to the alcohol.