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Mostly a bunch of rocks and water.

A cabin

And a half frozen lake, Katterjärvi, which was the days destination.

The other side is Norway.

After some lunch at the cabin (outside on the deck, as it was not open), I took a leisurely walk back to the lodge for a nap, a sauna and dinner at the local cafe.

I noticed this little rockery at the Uppsala Botanical Gardens the other day.


It is garden art! At the same time it serves as a substrate for alpine plants. Not many yet tho.

After a couple of days in Southern California, like at Laguna Beach where the ocean and the sand and the rocks and the surfers make beautiful gardens,

And a couple weeks in the Seattle area with its equally beautiful curd side gardens

And Ballard Farmers Market with fresh greens

We are back home in Sweden. It will be some time yet before we can start gardening outside here.


Just a bunch of rocks piled on top of each other you might say, but garden art too. This stone formation is a chinaman standing in a corner of the garden like a troll guarding over the supernatural.

This use of found objects from nature is one of my favorite kinds of art.