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I’m preparing for the roof.   

But all the angles are off, and the used corrugated metal roofing needs right angles. I tried to get right angles and parallels from the start, but something has gone askew. 

Oh well, on the next warm, wind calm day I’ll lay them out and do the best I can. I don’t think anyone will notice. 

I mentioned the storm yesterday. It was the strongest around here for a long time. This morning I had to go out and retrieve stuff.

Roofing retrieved with great difficulty from the adjacent field and weighted down with blocks and stones.

Barrels caught in ditches.

The tarps started blowing off.

The roof blew off the bird house.


I finally decided I should put two sides on the portal to the caged garden – tunnel effect.

Using 100 year old boards from a saw mill we helped tear down last year.

Timogarden lumber yard

It consists mostly of salvaged lumber from the saw mill and a demolished deck, metal roofing and a lot of odds and ends.

Here I can find a bit of just about anything but never quite enough.