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It looks like it’s going to be pumpkin and roots for dinner. Slices of uchiki kuri pumpkin, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, beets and onions baked until soft, along with fried fish and cucumber pickles.

I got the bindweed and other weeds out, and it looks quite a bit nicer, I think. Now we can see my ‘amazing’ rockery better anyway. Below is the before picture.

The roots are, of course, still in there, poised for a come back.

This is the first root-wetting rain this summer.

Until now I have been relying on the residual water remaining in the clay soil from the spring melt off, as well as the minimal rain and watering can. Now I can relax.

So I got busy and started digging up the carrots for storing. This is a winter type called London Torg. I also tried to dig some potatoes, but gave up pretty quickly because it was too muddy. Parsnips go into storage too. I like them thin and small, but these are a bit on the scrawny side so I left the rest in the ground to fatten up a bit more.

We have use of a big rootcellar just a short walk up the hill from the garden. It has good drainage, perfect temperature above freezing, and just right humidity for storing roots. We can keep them here until the following summer. Other vegs like onions, cabbages and pumpkins must be stored elsewhere because it is too humid here.

The inside is dark, damp and cold like a cellar in a mexican dracula movie. It is cut out of a hillside with an arched stone ceiling and a cement floor. Mice and an occasional rat can get in and nibble at the roots a bit, but we are glad to share with them.