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It rained a bit last night making the ground just right for tilling without raising a dust storm.

It went so well, we did all but one of the garden circles today.

This circle above will be the pumpkin patch this year.

Last year’s pumpkin patch. This year it will have vegis and flowers.

Also flowers and vegis. Next year pumpkins.

The garlic planted last fall is already growing tall.

Late sun to the west, thunder on the horizon to the south, a few more drops of rain. Tomorrow we’ll make some raised beds and sow the first seeds outdoors for this season.

After clearing away the sunflower plants I left over the winter, I have now spread half a pile of compost over the first garden circle, along with a layer of black dirt for extra nourishment.

Last year this was the pumpkin patch. This year it will be filled with mixed vegetables and flowers.

In the next few days, I’ll rototill the whole area, then make a few raised beds and sow them with carrots, onions, etc. and after that start preparing the next garden circle.

The last few days have been near perfect with lots of warm sunshine, and the dirt is drying out and warming up. I must, however, be careful not to get too rambunctious, because it could still get freezing cold again. Last years earliest sowing didn’t turn out very good at all – but it seems to be imposible not to try every year.