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Last views of Seattle  

and the mountains 

I had a wounderful time visiting friends and relatives and gardens and spring and more. Now I’m back home in cold, still wintery Sweden.  

I’m looking forward to getting back to building, pickling, koji and miso making.  

I saw a lot of cool stuff and met a lot of interesting people at the garden show. The NORTHWEST FLOWER & GARDEN SHOW.

A stone slab mound

Rain forest garden  
Basalt pillars 

Hexagonal shed 

 Marenakos supplies stones to just about everyone 

Dan Robinson a bonsai master  

He had the biggest stones and wild bonsai and was my favorite.  

His juniper scrag gave me some ideas.

Biodynamics was represented – good dirt to stick your hands into, but I was suprised at the absence of other alterantive gardening groups.  

There was an excellent lactic acid bacteria pickling seminar by Erica Strauss  

 I learned quite a few new tricks -and bought her book.

And there was much, much more…




Rainy days in Seattle. 







We followed the sun westward.

The trip went very well (Icelandair is the best), and landed in a dark and rainy Seattle. After a fairly good nights sleep, and fighting off wakefullness, I got up early and took a walk in the darkness of Ballard. The sidewalk gardens were striking in the street lighting. 

An ancient cherry tree 
A birch 
Now for a cup of java at my favorite oasis in Ballard – Caffe Fiore! 

Nothing like a Seattle Latte for the afternoon coffee break out in the garden shed (busstop).

But I still prefer good old fashioned Swedish Coffee.

While the winter is still in the process of ending here in Sweden, I can reminisce about my two weeks in Seattle. It was spring, the early flowers where in full bloom, and because of the coastal climate, many vegetables can thrive all winter.

Curbside Gardening

Waking early due to jet lag, I took many long walks veiwing front yards and curbside gardens etc, getting more
and more enthused by the mini vegetable gardens.




And flowers

Notice the rosmary bush under the magnolia in the picture above. There seems to be more and more edibles in the front yards and curbside gardens than before.

Peas already coming up.

This kale was bundled up for the winter – probably unnecessarily. I also saw plenty of chard, broccoli, parsley etc that seemed to have weathered the winter very nicely.

Back in Sweden we have about 4 or 5 months of non growing season, when we have to rely on our root cellar, pickles, preserves and store bought, imported ‘fresh’ vegetables.

I would like the garden to be as independent of the electric grid as possible, so I’ve been investigating and investing in among other things solar energy. I have bought a solar panel and a 12 volt battery etc, but I’ve never found the ilk to wire it all together and get it working.

While browsing REI in Seattle i found this:

The good thing about this setup is the portability and connectability. The instructions are easy to follow and the cords are color coded. Plug and play! And I can carry it around to where I’m working for the day if need be.

Here I’m testing it in my brothers Seattle garden. It works by charging the battery pack of the same brand. And it works for charging my Iphone, either directly or by way of the battery pack.

Now I’m looking for other 12 volt devices to hook up to it. It will of course become a regular feature in my garden in Sweden at least during the warm sunny period.

Other than that, I’m enjoying the Seattle sunshine and the spring flowering that is fantastic this year (last year it rained all 10 days straight) and taking a lot of pictures for blogging later when I get time.


Most of the snow melted earlier in February, then it got cold again. So far it’s the coldest March I’ve ever experienced. As long as the sun is shining all day, the daylight grows longer and the stars are ever bright, it feels good. The snow covering is hard packed and frozen – perfect for long walks.

Or a dance. The dance floor is complete for this year, but it will need some trimming. And by the looks of it, it will need to be expanded with another ring. Something to do next winter.

It ‘folds up’ nicely.

I haven’t seen any wild boar yet, but there are solid reports of them being seen in the woods next to my garden. It’s only a matter of time before they find my space and start wreaking havoc. When that time comes…

I haven’t sown any seeds yet or even ordered a supply of new seeds for this season. The apple trees haven’t been pruned either, but there’s plenty of time. After all, it’s still winter. I never rush spring activities. Whenever I have, it hasn’t seemed to speed things up at all.

In fact we are taking vacation for a couple of weeks. We will be travelling to Seattle to see friends and relatives. I also hope to find some gardening or food processing places to gain inspiration from, take some pictures of and report on.