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This shed is almost completely made of salvaged building material. 

Some really old lumber that anyone else would take to the dump. 

But with a coat of red barn paint (falu red) it looks like new and will probably last another 50 years. 

The floors are finished, or rather the floor and platform are finished.

The platform is for sitting, resting and sleeping. And for storing garden tools under. 

After cleaning out the gothic greenhouse construction site, this old tarp fits perfectly for keeping boots out of the clay and roots smothered in the clay.

The floor is in now too. 

The main building is done – the foundation, frame, walls, roof and floor, but there’s still a bit left. Mostly the trimmings. 

Now for the floor. 

The joists are in place. The boards we cut last year are good and dry. The building is ready for the floor to go in. Sunset Shed may get done this year. 

More getting ready. 

The Tipi looks majestic. 

The weeding is never done, but I’m always trying. 

We finaly got the roof on the new shed. It took a team of six to figure out the angles etc. 

The food tent is up. 

And still there’s lots more to do before the big garden party tomorrow. 

It looks like the weather will be great. 

It has been warm and rainy, and the snow has been melting and refreezing. I discovered this morning that there was still enough snow for skiing and cold enough too.

Along with the deer (trying to get into the caged garden).

I’ve also started building the framework for the next garden shed.


The open air museum at Härnosand had many more old buildings. Some of the traditional storage sheds were very interesting.

These are all on poles or stilts designed to keep food safe from rodents, bears and other animals, as well as rain and snow.



They are very functional and at the same time have a rustic beauty.

Nothing like a Seattle Latte for the afternoon coffee break out in the garden shed (busstop).

But I still prefer good old fashioned Swedish Coffee.

Not really a storm, more like a hard breeze, but it sure is howling. It started blowing and raining yesterday, it continued all night, and now it’s getting colder and snowing. I have a bit of a cold, so I’ve hardly been outside at all these last two days.

A few days ago I got the tarps up enclosing the back porch workshop.


And the shed.

I did have to go out this morning and check everything that could get blown around, and everything was OK. And to replenish the bird food.