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Wonderful for skiing. But I’ve had a hernia operation and will have to take it easy. No skiing this year unless it lasts until march. I’ll be ready for the garden anyway.

The last 3 weeks have been cold with a little snow. Just enough to ski every day. Now it’s getting warmer and yesterday we got quite a bit of new snow.

So out skiing again.

It might be the last time for this winter as the weather is supposed to warm up more. I hope not!

Yesterday we got a mini snowstorm – high winds and it snowed all day.

I was worried, but the dome didn’t blow away.

I got my skis out and tried skiing, but it’s not yet enough snow for good cross country skiing.

It’s supposed to snow all day today and a little tomorrow and then get cold, so I can hope to get some skiing in this year.

And it is wonderful when everything is white!

Fantastic weather for skiing.  

Not really enough snow yet, and very cold, but I got out my battered but favorite birch skis a few days ago and have been skiing the last three days.  


I’s been a great week for skiing until friday when it got sunny and my ski trails started melting. I got about halfway out, then the snow started sticking under the skis, giving me a good workout getting home. It is cold during the nights and sunny in the days, so for good skiing I have to get out early.

This beautiful sunny morning there was a very harsh cold wind blowing the loose snow into dunes, patterns and formations. It also fills up the ski trails so I have to make new ones.





I love the snow!

It has been snowing slightly for about 4 days straight and has accumulated to a quite a good amount. (I put a filter on the following pictures to get rid of the winter blue – I’m not sure…)



It’s colder now and the wet snow under has frozen. With 10 to 20 cm of new powdery snow it’s perfect for skiing.

Yesterday I skied into the woods but was a bit too tired after the all night Superbowl game (american rugby where I saw the Seattle Seahawks lose in the last seconds of the game).

Today was better. I went for long trip cross country.

Including the obligatory coffee break.


It has been warm and rainy, and the snow has been melting and refreezing. I discovered this morning that there was still enough snow for skiing and cold enough too.

Along with the deer (trying to get into the caged garden).

I’ve also started building the framework for the next garden shed.


With my six goat skis on, I head out to try crossing the garden.
It snowed wet snow yesterday, started melting during the night, then got cold again and snowed powder snow this morning – good enough for a great ski trip around the farm and through the woods.

The weather has been off and on this year – cold and warm, snow and rain. The ground is frozen solid now though. We are supposed to have a snow storm today and it’s starting to snow now, but in a few days it will probably rain again.

I want lots of snow and cold and good skiing.





And/or to get busy building a new garden shed.



A little while later…
It’s snowing like crazy!


The ground fog was thick yesterday morning when I went out skiing. I followed old trails and skirted the woods to the neighbors farm, then set out into the white field of fog and snow, not knowing where I was going, but with a sense for the right direction. Finally, I found an animal trail and figured that they had gone where I was heading, so I followed the trail. Sure enough, they led me to the juniper hill where the neighbor has a wind turbine.

The bright future.

It nearly always blows here but not today. When it does, Farmer Westerberg doesn’t use the electricity himself but puts it out on the grid and recieves compensation for it.

The hill is covered with bushes of juniper, wild roses, rowen and sloe. It is a bit late for foraging rosehips and rowen berries, but there were lots of juniper berries and sloe.

Both of which make wonderful beverage flavors. Frozen sloe can be eaten on the spot for a refreshing pick-me-up.