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The last 3 weeks have been cold with a little snow. Just enough to ski every day. Now it’s getting warmer and yesterday we got quite a bit of new snow.

So out skiing again.

It might be the last time for this winter as the weather is supposed to warm up more. I hope not!

We have had a few glorious days of winter this last weekend.

You may notice that the deer have been pawing under the rose hedge. And they have made it a temporary sleeping place.

They seem to feel safe and secure close to us.

Yesterday we got a mini snowstorm – high winds and it snowed all day.

I was worried, but the dome didn’t blow away.

I got my skis out and tried skiing, but it’s not yet enough snow for good cross country skiing.

It’s supposed to snow all day today and a little tomorrow and then get cold, so I can hope to get some skiing in this year.

And it is wonderful when everything is white!

Snow in the air, but soon spring will be here. 

Another crop circle turned. 

Three dug and two more to go. 


Nothing like a little bit of snow for equinox which took place at 04:30 this morning. Snow has been a rarity this winter.   

Fantastic weather for skiing.  

Not really enough snow yet, and very cold, but I got out my battered but favorite birch skis a few days ago and have been skiing the last three days.  


The snow that came earlier went with the last thaw, but now it’s cold and snowing again.  

It is looking good for skiing, but I have a bit of a cold, so I’ll wait indoors for a day or 2 more.  


I love the snow, even tho I still have a bit of digging and raking to do. Right now I’m digging in the muck, so a layer of snow or frost would be nice. This will undoubtedly melt. Next week is supposed to be colder, and I may get a layer of frost. 

They are predicting snow for next saturday, so this may be the last market for this year.  

 Not many vegetables left.   
Then it’s time for helping with the Christmas Smörgåsbords at Djurby Farm where we live, and then also time for making miso and koji, skiing and other winter activies. 

I’ll be back at the market in spring when the weather starts warming up again.