The snow melted early this year and was gone. Normally the ground remains frozen and/or soggy after the spring melt, so drainage is very important this time of year and during rainy periods. When Farmer Eriksson turned over the field to me 6 years ago he landscaped the edges for better drainage. The rainy summer a couple of years ago convinced me that there is always need for more.

Run off from the hill at the far corner needed some diversion.

There once was a ditch here, but over the years it has become filled, overgrown and useless.

Digging out the old ditch is easy and good excercize too.

Unless it’s a big job that has to be done quickly, I’d rather do it by hand, because in my experience, a machine will leave more clean up and landscaping to do after it has left, leaving even more work that often gets neglected.